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Eversten is a district of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony (Germany).

This website

In this blog you will find posts which help people to enhance their digital sovereignty. The first posts will have their focus on configuring XMPP-based instant messaging clients.

You might ask why the installation of an XMPP-based instant messanger enhances the digital sovereignty.

Today, many people are using instant messengers which are developed and controlled by a single company. The company can change their terms of use. The company decides in which direction the messaging app will be developed. If a messenger is used by a critical mass it is not easy to switch to a different messenger because (in the normal case) messengers of different companies cannot communicate with each other.

XMPP is an open standard. This means that everyone can decide to develop a messenger which uses XMPP. Everyone can decide to operate a server which acts as an instant messaging service. The user can decide which provider he/she trusts and which app he/she wants to use. When a user decides to switch to a different app or provider he/she can still communicate with his/her contacts.


You can send me a mail if you have any questions. My mail address is my first name (which you can find below every blog title), followed by an @-sign and the domain eversten.net.